Tethyrians are multi-ethnic, an artifact of hundreds of years of interbreeding and conquering and being conquered. As can be expected of such a people, their hair and eye color varies wildly, and their skin tone is darker in the south and lighter towards the north reflecting the percentage of their ancestors.

But they are a proud people, viewing themselves as victors over all conquerors, who today are Tethyrian after being assimilated into their culture. They are suspicious of remote rulers, large realms, and any attempt to subjugate their people—for they have been subject to enough slavery in their past.

Fiercely independent, strong ties to family, clan, and city, and loyal.

What does it mean to be a Tethyrian?jaheira_bg1.jpg

Life is a struggle that is survived by the strength of your bond and loyalty to those near you. Together you work to retain and acquire your freedom, and there is no greater sin than slavery.
Rulers and kingdoms are just ways for people to try and take your freedom from you.
Outside of lands dominated by the Tethyrian, they are often considered an underclass by the locals, and Tethyrians do nothing to dispel this notion, bonding together in an insular fashion, causing them to be isolated and ostracised. They give little resistance to adopting local deities, languages, and dialects.

What is it like to be an Tethyrian?

Your childhood is short, expectations and responsibilities given as soon as you can contribute in a meaningful way. You can trust and rely on those around you.
Your people have a great adaptability, living in the whole western realm of Faerûn. Wherever you live, you share a great many customs and have much in common with your neighbors.
Oral folklore is a large part of your upbringing, booklearning being somewhat rare. Many tales of noble rebels and freedom fighters against oppressive kingdoms danced in your head as a youth.
You most likely apprentice at the same job your parents performed, and your familial and clan bonds provide the support you need to survive, and will support you once you can no longer support yourself.



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