There are a number of different types of alphabets. Each contains it’s own type of letters and it’s own script. Each Alphabet is listed below and it’s number is beside the language that uses it.

  1. Espurar (Elven Script)
  2. Thorass (Human Script)
  3. Dethek (Dwarven Runes)
  4. Draconic (Dragon Script)
  5. Supernal (Heiroglyphics)
  6. Primordia (Ancient Language of Abier, Dragon Script)
  7. Imaskari (Long Dead Human Script)
  8. Hamarfae (Long Dead Elven Script)

Languages spoken in the north listed by size of the population that speaks them.

Common (2) — pidgin Chondathan, spoken the realm over
Chondathan (2) — The most common language in the west
Illuskan (2) — The speech of the Northern Barbarians and native peoples
Daraktan (3) — Orc speech
Elven (1) — The tongue of the elves
Shantan (2) — Northern shield dwarf dialect of the tounge of the dwarves.
Bothii (2) — The language of the Uthgardt Barbarian tribes

Illuskan is to Uluik as Shantan is to Kurit.

Kurit (3) — The northern Dwarven dialect
Uluik (2) — The language of the native Icehunters in the northwest.
Reghedjic (2) — The tongue of the northern glacial Barbarians in the north east and east.
Ghukliak (3) — Beastspawn, the language of Bugbears, hobgoblins, and worse

Below this line are the more esoteric and strange lanugages, much less likely to come up.
Jotunhaug (*) — The dialect of giant-tongue that is spoken by the hill, mountain, and frost variety
Sylvan (1) — The language of the fey and spirit realm
Yipyak (4) — The language of the chicken-lizards and dragon servitors
Gnim (3) — The gnomish language of scholars, used for serious research and discussion around the realm.
Supernal (5) — The language of the Celestials and Infernals
Ruathlek (4) — A secret illusionist script
Aragrakh (4) — The ancient forgotten language of dragons



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