Gods worshiped on the north Sword Coast

Name Portfolio Alignment Domain
Auril Winter Neutral Evil Nature / Tempest
Deneir Writing Neutral Good Life
Moradin Dwarf / Creation Lawful Good Knowledge
Eldath Peace Neutral Good Life / Nature
Lurue Talking Beasts Chaotic Good Nature
Mielikki Forests Neutral Good Nature
Milil Poetry / Song Neutral Good Light
Mystra Magic Neutral Good Knowledge
Oghma Knowledge Neutral Knowledge
Shar Darkness / Loss Neutral Evil Death / Trickery
Tempus War Neutral War
Talos Storms Chaotic Evil Tempest
Silvanus Wild Nature Neutral Nature
Shiallia Fertility Neutral Good Nature
Uthgar Totem Spirits Varies Varies
Tymora Luck Chaotic Good Trickery

Shiallia is the goddess of the Neverwinter Wood and High Forest



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