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Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

All is not well. From the ruin of Neverwinter come heroes, uncovering a terrible plot. A hostile land lives up to its moniker of the savage north.

The prophecy of Ruby Goldstorm
Selune shall cry again, her tears fall to Earth
Seven jewels around the moon become ten eyes
and blackness takes the queen of the night and tides
A fist grabs the world, five fingers squeeze
The jade fang seethes with envy
The red hand spreads blood and hate
The black wing cloaks the earth in darkness
The cobalt claw corrupts leaving naught but despair
The pale eye brings freezing oblivion to all

The resting of the green will fall!
A city by the sea of the moon lies in chaos!
Allies will gather in the deep water!
A castle will fall from the sky!
Five masks will become one, the draakhorn will sound!
Metal will gather in the Nether mountains!
Faerun will burn and suffer!

Ten glowing eyes seek to be free.
Hark, slayers of her children are here
NO!! Vengeance shall be hers!

The Savage Sword Coast

  • Follow the Resources link for languages, background listing, gods and more!
  • Current Events has a listing of many locations and NPC’s encountered.
  • Factions Will give you information on the various different factions, what you know about them, and your relationship with them.
  • Check out the maps tab to see and review maps of the local area (a little squished).
  • Look at the wiki for an index

Some interesting cultural lore!

The most common peoples

  • Illuskan are the northern peoples
  • Chondathan traders and some of the most common people in Faerûn
  • Tethyrian are an independent fiercely loyal people covering a wide breadth of Faerun
  • Orcs from the mountains and the lands below.

Some things about other places:

XP Bonuses for Obsidian Portaling.

  • 1,000 experience for creating an obsidian portal account with an image. (everyone got this bonus long ago, except for saral & raph.)
  • 500 experience for putting your character up on the portal.
  • +100 more if you choose an image for your character.
  • 50 experience times your level for creating an adventure log.
  • 10 experience for starting a forum post, and an additional 5 experience for each person that replies to that post. +15 experience if the post contains a picture from the game.

Home Page

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