Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Feats and Feets

Competing for fame

This week we competed in the Festival of Feets and Feets to gain the favor of some influential aristocrats. Following breakfast and a brief opening speech, we started out strong. Our agile monk placed first in the foot race, well ahead of a cheating noble. Our rogue got third place overall in a series of three archery events, and the bard finished first in the initial horse riding event. The bard showed just how large her stomach is with a commanding win in the pie eating contest. After lunch, the wizard learned some history at the Concubine is Sass Tam play. We all failed miserably in the arm wrestling competition, and the bard earned second place in the semifinals of the dancing contest. Closing out the day, our barbarian survived the drinking contest, even though she was in a coma, and the fighter won first place in the first round of the wrestling competition. Now to prepare for tomorrow.


nexusphere Tennille

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