Ruby Goldstorm

Blind Seer


She is a blind priestess of Lathander, seeking to bring his light to the north, or so she says. When meeting the characters for the first time, her empty eye sockets glowed golden, and she uttered the following prophecy.

Selune shall cry again, her tears fall to Earth
Seven jewels around the moon become ten eyes
and blackness takes the queen of the night and tides
A fist grabs the world, five fingers squeeze
The jade fang seethes with envy
The red hand spreads blood and hate
The black wing cloaks the earth in darkness
The cobalt claw corrupts leaving naught but despair
The pale eye brings freezing oblivion to all

The resting of the green will fall!
A city by the sea of the moon lies in chaos!
Allies will gather in the deep water!
A castle will fall from the sky!
Five masks will become one, the draakhorn will sound!
Metal will gather in the Nether mountains!
Faerun will burn and suffer!

Ten glowing eyes seek to be free.
Hark, slayers of her children are here
NO!! Vengeance shall be hers!

She has not yet collected enough gold to begin her church.


Ruby Goldstorm

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