Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Taking Fate by the Reins

Or how dragon slaying items are awesome

As we awoke to the news of the mills destruction, our hearts were sad at the thought of those who would go hungry this winter. But first, the towns folk must survive until the winter to go hungry and word that many were hiding within the shielding confines of the temple gave us direction and purpose. Our illustrious bard, ever glib of tongue, volunteered to provide a distraction to a rather large band of roaming mercenaries and cultists. This move allowed the remainder of us to sneak up to the small band of foes guarding the back entrance to the temple. Dispatching the inept fools in short order, we proceeded into the temple wherein we found 30+ townsfolk hiding. Our alluring sorcerer proceeded to convince them to exit out the back while the monk, fighter and barbarian reinforced and supported the front door.

Upon returning to the keep, a single foe emerged from the enemy ranks to challenge, in solo combat, any champion of the Greenest forces. Being of draconic nature, the barbarian felt compelled to accept this challenge. After a brief hesitation, to ensure no outside influences occurred, the challengers squared off. Initially the barbarian seemed to be over-zealous as her attack landed ineffectively upon the dragon’s armor. This turned out to only be a measuring shot, as her next two attacks landed squarely into the center mass of the blue-scaled monster. As it screamed in agony and revenge, it’s attacks landed accurately but with limited effect upon the enraged Axe-Queen. Maneuvering into position for her most powerful strike yet, the frenzied berserker landed a heaven’s-inspiring death blow to her scaly foe, rendering it most completely dead before the body had hit the ground. The army’s the dragon began to flee at the sight of their demolished leader and it would seem that the gods themselves approve of the manner with which this creature was dispatched.


nexusphere plagueale

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