Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

No Escape for the Wicked

The Fall of Arauthator

The day grew long as we slipped into the dragons lair. It was unclear what the fierce Arauthator would have in store for us but we had a plan of attack. Knowing little about the white dragon we prepared as best we could for the battle ahead. I as always held the front leveraging the magic available. The fierce-some barbarian at my side with an arrow readied, waiting to strike. But it was the quick thinking of the bard that saved us from Auranthors first attack.

The coward dragon, hiding from sight, filled the chamber with a deadly mist. A mist that if not guarded against surely would have spelled our end. Luckily the bard was prepared. A circle of protection spell cast around her caused us not to feel the terrible effects of the frozen mist. And again keep us safe at the frightful sight of Arauthator as he flew up to great us.

Upon seeing the fierce dragon the bard fired, both shots missing, the arrows going wide, our strongest weapons lost. But i knew what to do. I flew up to strike the dragon holding him at bay and steering him away from the party. The Fearless barbarian joining me by grappling the dragon with a rope. Had the dragon fallen it would have surely spelled the end for her, but her thirst for dragon trumped the risk.

The battle continued with the casters rallying a barrage of spells the dragon shaking off some of even the most potent mental effects. The wizards and warlocks could do little against the beast but he knew after long their magic would break his defenses and so he flew away to the bottom of the chamber.

As her reached the edge of the chamber I was sure he had no place left to run. We were grouped right by the top entrance surely he was trapped. But he continued into the pool taking the barbarian with him and freezing it shut behind. The group continued launching attacks, fireballs that broke through the ice and I flew into the pool after them.

The battle raged on in the depth of the water. The dragon at a great advantage was not limited as the barbarian and I were by the environment. Knowing that there wasn’t much time before my air ran out and that the dragons powers greatly outweighed my own I chose the only sensible option, stay with the dragon at all costs. Its a good thing the barbarian and I think alike. Grappling, swimming, holding on for dear life, in the darkness of the water we stayed with the dragon getting in small jabs quickly. It was not for certain but together with all of our strength we managed to take down the dragon.

Emerging from the water exhausted I fell to ground. Know that a great victory was had but there was still much left to do before the realm was extinguished of the evil dragons and despicable cultists hellbent on our destruction.


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