Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Indecision may or may not be my problem

Uhhhh...well that sucked

So we decided to go to Wyvern Tor. We looked around, saw and killed an orc, then killed like 20 orcs and an ogre, then at the entrance to the cave, we decided to go to Old Owl Well instead. When we arrived we checked out a derelict excavation site with nothing of interest, then thought we stop in and quickly check out a stone tower that looked abandoned. We walked in carefully, but soon heard groaning like the day after a frat party. Our fighter, of course, says something insulting, and the five disgusting men in the room morph into 5 menacing were-boars. As the fight commences, the brutes prove immune to normal weapons and of a strong constitution. The monk nearly dies, then the rogue receives a devastating blow. The three were-boars on the fighter manage to trip him, leaving him prone on the floor. Trying to regain his footing, a fatal blow is landed. The rest of us manage to finish off the orcs, using most of our resources. Our rogue and barbarian have been bitten by these were-beasts. The next full moon is in ten days. We decide to hole up here and take a long rest to recover. We now have another decision to make: continue on to Owl Well or try to make the perilous journey north to find a healer capable of restoring both our fighter and cure the disease coursing though the veins of our remaining melee combatants. We decide to quickly scout out the well then head north. Looking over the ridge, we see twenty zombies excavating something. Their necromancer is absent, but undoubtedly nearby. Another decision must be made. Make more enemies or start the arduous and undoubtedly dangerous journey north.


Is there no way to tell who posted the adventure log?


Never mind. I see it now.

nexusphere Tennille

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