Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Green death

We got loot!

A towering waterfall cascades before us. The lair of the green dragon is almost certainly concealed behind the splendid torrent. Braving the treacherous landscape and the unknown dangers beyond, we pass through the waterfall. Almost immediately, we encounter four hostile elves which are instantly vaporized by a massive fireball. Out of the blackness appear three giant etins, five more elves, and six dragon cultists from three separate directions. The bard quickly wipes out about half of the enemies, but then both her and the warlock get knocked unconscious. The fighter and the barbarian eventually wipe out the rest of the enemies, but not before the warlock died. We retreated and his in Leomund’s Hut until we had raised the warlock and fully rested. Once ready, we again approach the lair. Immediately upon entering, the barbarian rushes into the center of the room. Unexpectedly, the green dragon breathed onto the rest of us. The barbarian used a grappling hook to attach a rope to the dragon and climbed up to his level, forty feet up in the air. As her next action, she pummels him with vicious attacks. The invisible wizard keeps moving around the room casting magic missile onto the party members. The fighter went down, and the bard cast cure mass wounds. There is an evil elf elf casting force bolts at the dangling barbarian. Near death, we finally kill the dragon and the elf and the wizard ran away. Finally, we get loot from a dragon’s lair!


nexusphere Tennille

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