Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Feats and Feets II

Bear fight!!

We started the day out early, the bard went hiking and met a couple unusual individuals, one of whom is trying to get on a caravan being sent north by Anshar. The monk and barbarian went to breakfast while the fighter attended worship. They all came out feeling inspired and ready for the challenges of the day. The monk and barbarian started the king of the hill competition. One crazy thug seemed to have a bizarre hatred of the monk attacking him instead of the center. Things did not go as planned. The fighter went to the card gaming tables and after hours of play managed to win second place in the final round. After a break, the bard went to the jousting competition where she trash talked her way to first place. Then she went to fencing where she manage to get first place without insulting any mothers. In the greased pig competition, everyone got super greasy and it ended abruptly with someone rolling out of the pit with the pig in a bear hug. During the strong man competition, both the barbarian put up a good fight and pinned a bear. During dinner I learned some more about Anthar, including that he’s a fan of red wine. Now we just have to meet this guy and put the right feats forward.


nexusphere Tennille

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