Tyranny of the Dragon Queen


The day that won't end

We followed the treasure again today. We decided to sneak into the castle by hiding in crates of treasure. After many hours we were finally delivered via water and land to an underground cavern. Exploring immediately reveals a nearby magical teleportation circle. This must be the way they are moving the treasure out of here to the next location. All we need is the password. Looking in the next cavernous area, we discover a large lake. Walking along the narrow path at the edge of the lake, we are suddenly attacked by about ten car-sized frog who leap out of the lake. We quickly cut them down but they are closely followed by a toadman caster, a couple white, mindless lizardmen, and about ten bullywogs (frogmen). The barbarian hits the caster with an arrow and he runs off leaving us to face his followers. The fighters takes down a few. The bard, however, uses a scroll of fly to bypass the thugs and chase down the toadman. The fighter and barbarian take down the onslaught, but almost die to some ferocious and vengeful tiny vipers which the acid-spitting lizardmen had in bags and threw at the party members. The bard immobilizes the toadman by casting hideous laughter on him and quickly binds and gags him. Following the fight, he is interrogated and forced to provide a map of the castle along with a great deal of information on the workings of the castle. Just then we hear footsteps approaching and quickly retreat to toadman’s sanctuary. We hear the sound of drums meaning the cultists know they have been infiltrated and are preparing to escape quickly. We head upstairs and fire an arrow out of an arrowslit letting the friendly lizardmen outside know that it’s time to attack the castle to gain the release of their enslaved brethren within. The war starts and we don cultist uniforms before exiting to the next room. We see the chaos the lizardman attack has caused. We are just in time to see Reznar, the half-dragon man rush past us headed for the teleportation circle along with about thirty of his closest friends. We opt to follow and debate attacking. Ultimately, we wait instead to hear the password. Reznar takes the stronger half of his party through the teleportation circle and tells the other half to stay behind and stand guard. We quickly annihilate this group, but when we see four more lizard men carrying four more bags of tiny vipers, we decide it is time to escape. We utter the password and activate the teleporter just in time to avoid getting hit by vipers.

We land in a cold, forested area. Clearly, we are much further north now. We see a large hunting lodge to the north which probably holds more cultists, but we also see that Reznar and this party have traveled the other direction. Quickly following their path, we come to a tiny village. We enter the village in our normal clothes but are met with strong dislike. We make our way to the tavern, spotting a huge frozen castle nearby, and start buying ale for everyone hoping to get information. We are not particularly successful, but we do learn the name of the village as well as the name of the nearest city. Apparently asking questions was not the right move because we are soon confronted by the angry town leader six burly guardsmen. He is trying to distract us, so clearly we attack. When we do, the door opens and reveals some powerful dragon cult followers outside. The battle is fierce and both our warlock and fighter go down at one point. The bard is able to bring them back, and quickly the bard and fighter each eat a piece of dragon heart once defeat appears certain if they do not. This turns the tide of the battle. We finally finish them all off. We are tired and out of resources, but we now have little choice but to board the ice castle before it takes off and leaves us with no clue of where to head next on our mission to stop the return of the Dragon Queen.


nexusphere Tennille

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