Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Dragon Soup

When dragon's suddenly started turning into mush

We spent a couple days in the city selling, competing, and learning. We found out that that is a large dungeon near the city, and that Varrum the White lost his special dragon mask to someone in the Sanctum. He made some excuses to his dragon cult leader and was last seen at the Boarshyr Bridge. We have been asked to go intercept him, because having the mask will make it easier for him to summon Tiamat.

We took a portal north then rode four griffins toward the bridge. A day in, we see a red dragon chasing us down. After a quick fight and a near-dead griffin, the red dragon flees. We continue on our way uneventfully, and reach the bridge and a tent city. With great reservation, we enter the city and start asking questions about Varrum. A person in the nearby inn, tells us that about two weeks ago Varrum was seen in the inn with about a dozen barbarians. He killed someone for asking him questions about why he was there, then he set off for the Serpent Hills. We quickly hired a guide and set off after him. A couple days later, we are encountered by two medium blue dragons and a large group of cultist groupies. I quickly turned one dragon into a slug. The warlock fireballed, and killed, at least thirteen opponents and then quickly died to a dragonkin’s spear. I shattered another group of cultists to death. The warrior took out a half dragon creature, and our dragon-shredder made quick work of the remaining dragon and dragonkin. We closed out the fight by tying the slug to an arrow and shooting it directly into the air so that it would fall to its death. Finally we raised the warlock and holed up for the night. Tomorrow, I feel confident that Varrum is going to meet his end.


nexusphere Tennille

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