Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Capturing Varrum

Snakes Bite

We continued up into the hills after wiping out the cult allies, and come upon the ruins of an ancient tomb structure guarded by two twenty-foot tall statues. As we approach, they warn us to be respectful and ask us if we would prefer wisdom or knowledge. We respond, “wisdom”. They then return to normal statues.

We climb up a thirty-foot ladder into the crypt revealing an illusion, hiding severe defacing, and a stone door that has recently been forced open. Entering, we see six hooded statues and a bone littered floor. We cross the room without looking at the statues and reach the other side without incident where there is a closed door. We enter it into a vaulted room encircled with a ledge and a beautiful tile floor. As the barbarian crosses the room, the chimera image on the floor transforms into a 2D tile chimera construct that attacks her. The warlocks enters into the room labeled “SAFE”, and checked out the weird well and toilet function while the fight raged on.

After destroying the construct, we turn the sliding, circular plate in the sun mosaic. Beneath it are hundreds of skeletal bodies in the shape of a seven-foot sphere. We find the trigger mechanism that would have caused that ball to roll down the hallway after us. Just past the mechanism, we find a narrow opening that goes down thirty feet. We squeeze down the tunnel and encounter five humanoids sitting at a table. After a short talk, we banish the fiends back to hell. Next, we visited the adjacent room and encounter a well-muscled statue that demands tribute for the seer. We hand over a two-handed, magical sword that we haven’t been using and he returns to stone. Opening the next door, we discover a ghost guarding an empty library who tells us how dangerous the pool is. We continue on to the pool and find a dead cultist who was sacrificed to the pool in exchange for information on the missing mask. There is a door to the east, which reveals the ancient seer’s sarcophagus. We hear a booming voice telling us that Varrum was taken by the snakefolk and he will open a portal to them for us to follow Varrum. On the other side of the portal, are seven lizardmen which we promptly eliminate.

Exploring the hall, we encounter a pit full of vipers, and four powerful lizard snake-cultists. The warlock and I are magically enticed to climb into the pit. We both nearly die before we get the opportunity to completely annihilate the lizards and hurry out of the pit before the remaining vipers can overtake us again.

Heading down the next hall, we enter a room filled with basic lizardfolk. They basically drop dead at the sight of us. We destroy their magic item that allowed them to store food and water near the crypt and head to the main chamber room where Varrum is about to be sacrificed. We make an agreement to not destroy any more lizardfolk in exchange for Varrum. We agree to the deal, and leave, teleporting back to Waterdeep.


nexusphere Tennille

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