Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Bard's Inspiration

Barbarian's Fury

’Neath the smoke and moonlit sky
A challenge came to end the fight.
A solemn threat of death and blood
Unless a solo fighter should
Tame the boastful, scaly one.

Despite the long and frightful night
Gunnhild grips her weapon tight.
Without fear she marches down
To save the burnt and tortured town
From the evil dragon son.

Axe raised high, she swings wide
But recklessly, makes another try,
Landing squarely on his head.
The blood pours down a sickly red.
His haughty, arrogance is gone.

She spins again and slices deep
He screams in pain, he won’t be beat.
His great sword lands with little force
Lightening from his mouth springs forth
The damage rent is almost none.

She twirls again in barbaric fury
inflicting another powerful injury.
One last turn, her axe lands squarely
His head is gashed most severely.
His evil days, forever done.

The people saved and enemy fleeing
She stands her ground and hears their cheering.
Her amber eyes brightly glinting
Many more dragonkin need hitting.
But this night’s battle is now won.


nexusphere Tennille

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