Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

5 things I learned this week in the Sword Coast

Throughout my travels I pick up on many handy tidbits of advice and thought I could share my own for other adventurers:

1. One eyed rock monsters are best left alone, but if unavoidable offer them food and ask nicely for what you need.

2. Unlike other bits of dragon don’t eat the eggs. It makes a lot more sense but is far worse for you than eating the brains, heart, blood, eyes, or tongue.

3. Always check under rugs for large holes, there may be an adventuring party down there preparing to ambush you.

4. If you need to travel 200 miles it is possible to achieve this in 3 days without killing your horses or having to replace them. Also it is not a strange idea to have to swap out your horses mid journey, in Faerun, bards do it all the time.

5. Don’t shout at women standing in fields asking to be left alone, they are most likely deadly dragons.


I need a better accounting of the events of this session. I do not doubt everything listed here, but DAMN

nexusphere rafrose88

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