Current Events

You have reached the frontier town of Phandalin, and recently cleared out a group of bandits led by Glasstaff—Iarno Albrek, Traitor to the Lord’s Alliance. He has escaped!

Gundren Rockseeker the dwarf has been rescued from the Cragmaw Tribe, a motley collection of Bugbears allied with Hobgoblins.
Sildar Hallwinter is glad to have both his friend and his sword returned. They both now await the retaking of Wave Echo Cave, where they will likely find the depredations of the nefarious The Black Spider
Bregg Memnagra is hard at work taking care of a larger order that involves turning a dragon corpse into serviceable equipment.

Cragmaw Castle—of the seven broken towers lies empty miles in the Neverwinter wood.
Orcs have been killed at Wyvern Tor, and their camp looted. Where were they from? What kind of Orcs were they? Does anyone know?

But Phandalin has problems of it’s own!

Daran Edermath, a silver-haired Moon Elf has heard someone is digging near the Old Owl Well; Undead have been seen, and the ruins are a watchtower of the ancient magical empire of the Netheril.

Halia Thornton of the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, the defacto records office, wants Glasstaff dead! That, and any unread correspondence he might have left lying around.

Sister Garaele keeper of a small shrine of Tymora is seeking the spellbook of Bowgentle. She requests that someone visit Conyberry and bring the banshee Agatha a Jeweled Silver Comb and flatter her vanity. For this, she will answer any question. She offers three potions of healing as a reward.

The fat Harbin Wester does not wish to reward the players for the orcs. Will Sildar force him to give up the money?

  • Find the lost Wave Echo Cave
  • Side Quests
    • Discover what is going on at the Old Owl Well
    • Kill Glasstaff!
    • Visit Conyberry and ask a question of the Banshee

Current Events

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