Chromatic Dragons



Chromatic Dragons are the embodiment of sin. Lustful, Gluttonous, Greedy, Slothful, Wrathful, Envious, and Prideful, they are a plague on the land.


  • Chromatic Dragons are superior to all other creatures.
  • All races should show subservice and deference to Chromatic Dragons at all time.
  • Chromatic Dragons are the rightful rulers of the world.


Acquire as much as wealth and power as possible and exert your dominance across the land.

Bond Track: Enmity

Bond Level Benefit
2 You have engaged a chromatic dragon in combat
3 Disadvantage in reaction checks with Chromatic dragons
4 Secret
5 Secret
6 Secret
7 Secret
8 Secret
9 Secret
10 Secret
11 Secret
12 Secret

Chromatic Dragons

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