Chondathans are brave, hardy folk, always looking to improve their financial situation. They are one of the most far reaching cultures and people in Faerun. Most are merchants of one kid or another, selling skills and labor for coin.

They are slender tawny-skinned folk, with dark blond to black hair. They are fairly tall with green or brown eyes, but there is substantial variation in appearance.

They don’t view themselves as conquerors of Faerûn, it’s just an accidental byproduct of their work ethic and financial success. Trade and settlements far outnumber armies that Chondathans field. They are not particularly focused on their heritage, more likely to identify themselves by where they are from then who they are.

What does it mean to be Chondathan?

Chondathans measure people by their wealth and influence. All things are for sale, assuming a price can be agreed upon. Intrigue, spying, information, and covert manipulation are the ways to achieve these ends. Violence is unnecessary, destructive, and wasteful.

Competition is a way of life, and fortunes rise or fall based on your skill in life. You should look out for yourself first, acting selflessly is foolish.

In lands not run by the Chondathan, they strive to integrate into the new culture, learning their language and converting to the worship of their gods. After all, it will not be long before those slowly fade and are replaced by the worship of the almighty coin.

What is it like to be a Chondathan?

97112_marshall.jpgYour primary responsibility is to take care of yourself and your needs first. This is the job of everyone, and it drive progress and success. Innovation, power, progress, and greed results in the betterment of all things for all people in the long run. If somebody doesn’t take care of themselves and they suffer for it, that isn’t your responsibility.

From birth, you know that your place and class is not set. Make enough money and even royalty can be yours. You learn early that your word is your bond, because a damaged reputation can cost you a great deal, and is even more expensive to fix.

M0088L.jpgYou were likely reading from a young age, and have a great deal of schooling, being apprenticed by your 12th or 13th winter. All able-bodied people are expected to earn their own keep. Your work is your life, and it ends when you can no longer work. Those that live long enough to no longer be able to work can look forward to a retirement where they advise others in their specialty until their last days.



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