Tyranny of the Dragon Queen


how watching can feel dirty even when clean

The governor requested that we seek out further information about the activities of the raiders and after a good rest, we embarked on a quest for knowledge. Riding along the bootworn path, we encountered a small group of raiders. This was obviously not who we were looking for and instead of risking events turning against us, we bypassed the heathen oafs. This might have been a mistake as a bit further down the path, we were beset by cultists hidden in the rocks. Though they proved to be easily dispatched, turning an ambush upon the ambushers would have been appropriate justice. Regardless, after a brief skirmish and chase, these rear-guards were dispatched. The remainder of the journey to the camp was uneventful.

Arriving at the camp, the army seemed to have found an easily defended position inside a curved butte. However, their security was poor and we walked into the camp unnoticed. Once inside the camp our group split up to gather information. The rogue and monk watched the main tent while the seductress spell-caster and silver-tonged bard conversed with various cultists and guard. Eventually, we found the location of the prisoners, camp supplies, dragon eggs, and leaders. A brief discussion was had with one of the prisoners, a half-elven monk who apparently was something of an expert in dragon cultist activities. As the night wore on, our movements were noticed and the powerful barbarian was recognized as the Cyanwrath slayer. We quickly played this off as capturing her and proceeded to string her up with the rest of the slaves.

We waited until early in the morning, just before the cult was preparing to leave to rescue the half-elf and barbarian from what was surely certain death. The ever-useful Bard cast an illusion of them still imprisoned and we made our way quickly and quietly out of the camp. Returning to Greenest, we relayed a good bit of information to the governor and retired for a needed rest.


nexusphere plagueale

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